Dental Fillings in Cypress, TX

Dental Fillings in Cypress, TX

Dental fillings are used for the treatment of cavities or worn-out teeth. They are made from composite resin, which is a mixture of plastic and glass. The composite material is highly customizable, thus offering a wide range of options for a dental filling. 

What Are the Advantages of Composite Fillings?

  • Composite fillings are made from highly biocompatible plastic and glass. This makes them safe and non-toxic to the tissues of the tooth.
  • The composite material can be easily matched with the color of your teeth. It will not be easily noticeable when you smile or talk.
  • Composite fillings do not expand or contract due to temperature changes. They do not expand when you consume hot food or beverages and do not contract when you have a cold drink or food. 
  • The composite filling bonds well with the natural tooth structure, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • The procedure for placing composite fillings is minimally invasive. 

What Is the Procedure for Placing a Filling?

When you visit our dental practice for consultation, our team will thoroughly screen your mouth and rule out any other oral conditions that could lead to cavities or damage to your tooth. The dentist will then clean your teeth thoroughly to remove plaque and tartar deposits. 

The tooth is prepared by removing its decay by gently scrubbing it with an ultrasonic scaling device. The debris will be removed using a jet of water of varying intensity, depending on how deep the cavity is and how much debris we need to remove. The tooth is disinfected by placing it in a jet of antimicrobial solution for a few seconds before starting the composite filling procedure. 

The dentist will then apply a small amount of adhesive on the prepared tooth surface, which helps us bond the filling material on it. Then, we will lay a thin layer of composite material on it and use an activating light to harden it in place. The dentist continues placing layers of composite material until the cavity has been completely filled. Once done, we will polish it to enhance its appearance and make it look aesthetically pleasing when you smile or laugh. 

Please reach out to our dental practice in Cypress, TX to have a consultation with our dentist. Call dentist in Cypress TX at (832) 353-3600 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.

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