Dental Sealants in Cypress, TX

Dental Sealants in Cypress, TX

Dental sealants are used to fill up the grooves, fissures and other small areas of the teeth, which cannot be reached during the cleaning process. The sealants are made from a dental-grade plastic material that is biocompatible and does not cause any harm to the tissues. They are highly effective at preventing cavities and decay, which is why dentists recommend them for patients who have a higher risk of getting cavities.

What Is the Procedure for Dental Sealants?

When you visit us for the consultation, we will conduct a thorough screening of your teeth to check for cavities or decay. If we find any sign of decay or infection, we will eliminate them using a suitable treatment. After this, we will clean the teeth thoroughly and dry them off. The sealant will be prepared according to the color of the enamel and applied to the teeth, after which it will be hardened using a curing light.

How Are Sealants Used?

Sealants are highly effective when it comes to preventing cavities in the grooves and fissures of the teeth, which are difficult to clean thoroughly. When you sleep, saliva keeps accumulating in these areas and forms aqueous deposits on the surface of the teeth. This can lead to tooth decay due to microbial activity. By using sealants, we can protect these fissures from developing cavities or infections.

Another benefit of using sealants is that they prevent the entry of food particles and plaque into these areas. The grooves and fissures are often hard to clean as they are too small. Hence, food particles and plaque tend to stay there for long periods of time, which can lead to cavities and gum diseases. But with sealants, this is not possible as they fill up these areas entirely.

Sealants don’t just prevent cavities but also help enhance the aesthetics of your smile. The fissures near the corners of the mouth may tend to wear out faster due to frequent chewing and biting of food, which makes them look worn out. Placing sealants in such areas will help retain their shape for a long time by protecting them from wear or erosion.

How Often Should Sealants Be Replaced?

The durability of dental sealants depends on several factors such as your brushing technique, nutrition (consumption of sugary foods), your oral health status (brushing and flossing), etc. The recommended time between sealant replacement is three to five years.

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