Root canal Therapy in Cypress, TX

Root canal Therapy in Cypress, TX

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure performed to save the tooth from being extracted. It is done for patients with severe tooth decay or an infected tooth. The infected dental pulp that consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue is extracted during the procedure. It is a standard treatment for saving the infected tooth from extraction.

Who Needs Root Canal Therapy?

People who have the following dental problems are candidates for root canal therapy:
Infection: When you suffer from any oral infection such as cavities, gum disease, etc., it can infect the teeth's roots. This can cause severe pain and discomfort in the mouth.
External trauma: External trauma to the mouth can break or crack the teeth, exposing the pulp to microorganisms in the mouth. They could lead to severe pain, bleeding, and infection.
Abscess: A severe infection near a tooth can cause an abscess, which releases pus and infects the dental pulp.

How Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

The dentist first makes sure that you are a suitable candidate for root canal therapy by ruling out other treatment options. Then, anesthesia will be administered to numb the area of treatment. The infected tooth will be thoroughly cleaned using ultrasonic scaling and water. A hole will be made on its surface using a dental drill, through which the infected pulp will be removed. A small rubber-like plug will be inserted to keep it from getting contaminated. The hole created on the tooth will be covered using appropriate filling material. Dental sealants will also be placed on it to prevent further damage.

Aftercare Involved After Root Canal Therapy

After we treat your decayed or infected teeth, you should take proper care of them to prevent reinfection. Do not consume sugary or acidic food items as they could erode your filling and cause damage to your treated tooth. Brush your teeth twice every day and floss them to remove plaque and tartar deposits that could cause reinfection. Also, visit our practice regularly for routine examinations and consultations with our dentist to ensure that your treatment goes as planned and lasts long.

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