Teeth Whitening in Cypress, TX

Teeth Whitening in Cypress, TX

Having a bright, radiant smile is every person's dream. However, teeth discoloration or staining can take a toll on your smile and make it look dull and unattractive. Teeth staining is caused by various factors like certain foods, beverages, smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, improper brushing and flossing techniques, aging, etc.

Over time, this causes the teeth to appear yellowish or brownish in color. Teeth discoloration can be treated through teeth whitening. This is a popular cosmetic dental treatment that helps patients get rid of stained or discolored teeth. Besides, it also helps us perform cosmetic dental procedures like dental implants, crowns, bridges, etc.

The Procedure of Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is performed using a teeth whitening gel. The dentist applies the whitening agent over the teeth and spreads it evenly using a plastic tray. The gel has to be left on the teeth for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off. This process can be repeated if necessary to achieve the desired level of whiteness. During the procedure, the dentist will use a hand-held device to activate the gel and release oxygen molecules into the pores on the teeth's surfaces. This helps remove staining particles from the teeth' surface and gives you a bright smile.

What are the benefits of Teeth Whitening?

  • Convenience: Teeth whitening can be performed in just one dental visit. No hassle of going to the dentist regularly for follow-up appointments as is required in other cosmetic dental procedures like dental implants or crowns.
  • Highly effective: Teeth whitening provides excellent results even though it is performed in a short period. It can literally make your smile shine brighter than before.
  • Non-invasive: Teeth whitening is a non-surgical cosmetic dental procedure that doesn't affect your gums in any way.
  • No side effects: As long as you follow the correct use of whitening products after your treatment, you don't have to face any side effects caused by them. The dentist will educate you about this at your consultation appointment.
  • Quick results: The results begin to show after just one dental visit for teeth whitening. They will become more prominent with regular use of whitening products at home.

KöR Teeth Whitening

KöR teeth whitening is a simple yet effective way to improve your smile by eliminating dental stains and whitening the teeth. KöR whitening gels are specially formulated to work in conjunction with the light-activated whitening process. The gels are safe and contain no harsh chemicals or bleach agents, so patients do not have to worry about tooth sensitivity. Each kit comes with remineralization gel which helps restore enamel and strengthen teeth post-treatment. Patients will experience amazing results with long-lasting results!

With KöR teeth whitening, patients can expect to have their teeth several shades lighter after just one treatment session. Plus, this whitening solution includes potassium nitrate and fluoride for added protection and health of the teeth. Patients can also expect to experience little to no tooth sensitivity during the procedure thanks to this product’s formula. Besides, the gel works quickly, and patients can achieve dramatic results in as little as one hour. Finally, the gel is safe for all patients, including those with sensitive teeth.

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