Tooth Extractions in Cypress, TX

Tooth Extractions in Cypress, TX

Removing a tooth is a simple procedure typically done in one dental appointment. It is performed to remove damaged, decayed, or infected teeth that cannot be treated with other restorative procedures. It also helps to remove impacted teeth that cannot emerge naturally. 

What Are The Reasons for Tooth Extraction? 

The dentist recommends tooth extraction for a patient who has severe periodontal disease. It helps them relieve pain and discomfort in the gums and surrounding tissues. The procedure helps to remove diseased tissues and prevent further damage.

When a tooth gets damaged beyond repair or becomes severely infected or decayed, it can be removed to avoid further complications such as pain, infection, or even loss of the entire jawbone. Tooth extraction is also performed when a wisdom tooth gets impacted in the mouth. Such an extraction helps to prevent gum disease and other dental complications. 

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction? 

Before starting the procedure, our dentist injects local anesthesia into the patient's gum to numb the region around the tooth. Once the area is completely numb, our dentist uses forceps and dental tools for extracting the tooth from its socket. 

The bone surrounding it should also be removed along with the tooth's roots. An antibiotic will be placed in the socket along with a small amount of bone grafting material to promote healing after extraction. 

Aftercare For Tooth Extraction 

After having your tooth extracted, you may experience some discomfort, but this will subside within several days. Avoid consuming hot or cold foods so that you do not disturb your sutures or graft material. You can also use ice packs on your cheek or jaw where you had your extraction done so that it reduces swelling and discomfort immediately after surgery. You can use painkillers prescribed by our dentist if needed but do not take them regularly as they may result in addiction and other complications. 

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